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Water intrusion makes mold obvious. At Call Restoration, the most reliable mold removal Toronto services, we make mold removal really easy using extensive techniques. Our mold remediation services can clean up your homes instantly to prevent toxins and allergens.

We use advanced mold removal techniques and follow strep-by-step procedure for complete mold remediation. We ensure quick services and total mold removal Torontoby experts in this field. Our technicians are trained professionals, equipped with strategies to ensure there’s no risk of future growth of molds.


To prevent the scale of damages infused by molds, you need to hire the most efficient mold remediation services that can root out the mold accumulations, visible and invisible. For that, nothing tops the mold remediation services of Call Restoration Inc in Toronto. Mold only appears on the surface after days of incubating in the dark and dank crevices of your property. It is prudent that you have our experts check your property for mold if you have had a persistent water leak or flooding issues.


Our mold remediation service starts with an air quality test where our experts run an exploratory test over the nature and magnitude of the mold growth. After the test, our experts are able to examine all the indoor areas affected by mold. Also, they are able to tell if the environment is healthy or if there is an immediate need to evacuate the property, so the proper measures can be taken.


Helped by the test results, our team of experts decides upon the methods to reach the mold and sprout all the spores out of their hiding places. This can take up some time, as our team has to be very thorough. The comprehensive process allows us to ensure that the service you are getting removes the mold without a doubt. We also want to make sure that the triggers for accumulations of the mold such as pipe leakages, dampened floors, ceilings and walls are repaired to prevent any future onset of mold growth.


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